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Trials and Tribulations

This photo is the culmination of one of the worst driving days this winter. I say winter, though it is spring by the calendar, Wyoming rarely abides by these dates. Winter can be any month of the year. In my anxiety to camp I ignored this propensity and went ahead with my plans to visit Utah. A dry feb. and mar. led me to believe I could dewinterize the camper and head south with visions of warm temps and sitting outdoors at sunset.

Forget all of the above. Day of departure is accompanied by record low temps and more moisture predicted than was received in the last 60 combined. Many times the weather forecast is miscast but not this time. Snow fog high winds were my constant companions.

Got down to the desert after plowing through drifts and blinding snowfall. Now I can sit and admire the distant drama as a spectator at a sports event.

Moab, Utah

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